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bargain books

Bargain Books are 25-50% off and always available wherever we pop up! 

what's a 
bargain book?

Bargain Books are new, unread books that publishers don't sell the first time around.

Bargain Books are also called "remaindered books." And there's a weird story behind them.

When publishers don't sell their new books through bookstores, they'll often get them back -- and then shred them or throw them away. Lucky Duck was pretty surprised to learn about this.

And bummed.

A better solution: Bookshops can buy remaindered books at a big discount and pass those savings onto you! 

Reasons to love Bargain Books: 

  • They reduce waste and keep new books out of landfills!

  • Educators and school librarians can stock their shelves for less!

  • Anyone can save money on books they want to keep!

Pro-tip: Sometimes, a Bargain Book has a red or black mark on the bottom or top paper edge near the spine. If you don't want a marked book, be sure to check first or ask us for help finding it. Marked books are always 50% off -- or more!

You can always find Bargain Books for 25-50% off (or more!) when you shop in person at any of Luck Duck's children's book pop-ups! Hot dog. :D 


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